Wildlife Illustration + pet portraits



Please use my contact form or email me directly at kit@kitgrayillustration.com if you are interested in commissioning a portrait for 2020!


Great Blue Heron Pastel Artwork Bird Drawing by Kit Gray Illustration. My artwork connects you to the natural history of North America. Drawn using pastels and colored pencils, these wildlife portraits are perfect for your home, office, or a loved one's home. Custom portraits will be treasured for years to come. #kitgrayillustration, #kitgray, #illustration, #animals, #customportrait, #petportrait, #pastelart, #pastelportrait, #animalportrait, #animalart, #wildlife, #artist, #coloradoartist

Have you ever wanted a custom piece of artwork of your beloved family pets? What about artwork that connects you to the natural history where you live? You have the option to commission a special piece of artwork to mix your subject matter of choice with my style of artwork, creating the perfect new piece for your home, office, or a loved one’s home. Because custom work is time consuming and generally requires 30-50+ hours of drawing time alone, it is truly an investment in the creation of a piece you will love and I will do everything I can to bring our collective vision to life.


In order to reserve space on my calendar, I require:

  • A reference photo that we have both agreed upon - check out this page for my tips on which photos are most helpful for pet portraits

  • A signed contract that outlines our agreement

  • A 50% non-refundable retainer fee that is applied toward the final balance


I am sometimes booked up in advance for pet portraits, so please plan ahead if you have a pet portrait in mind for a gift. I recommend contacting me via email if you have a deadline in mind - I can let you know what my current wait time looks like. Sorry, but I cannot always accommodate last minute portraits. Wildlife portraits sometimes require a custom quote via email.


Please note that the sizes listed below are the paper size for the portrait, which is the size you will mat/mount and frame (matting and framing is not included in my pricing). Each drawing is sketched out to utilize the space on the page as well as possible while leaving enough space to frame the piece comfortably. Please do not frame portraits directly against the glass and avoid hanging them in direct sunlight. These things will help to keep your portrait in good condition for many years to come. Prices include shipping within the United States -- contact me for a custom international shipping quote if needed. Colorado state residents will be charged the appropriate sales tax.


Prices are subject to change. Quotes given via email are valid for bookings made within 1 month.



Pastels accentuate the softness and shine from fur or feathers, while also capturing details and color vibrancy within the portrait. Pastel paintings may have a white background, a neutral toned background (grey, tan, brown), or a color background. I am always happy to make recommendations for what would look best if you are unsure. Pastel is a more delicate medium that requires proper handling and framing to prevent damage and ensure longevity. When framed properly, this is a very long lasting medium that is quite striking in person. Anyone considering a pastel portrait should be aware that they may need the piece framed professionally by a framer experienced in working with pastel artwork.

Dog Pastel by Kit Gray Illustration. Immortalize your pet with a pastel portrait. Pastels make your pet look their very best, capturing details and color vibrancy. Pastel is a delicate and striking medium. Anyone considering a pastel portrait should have their piece professionally framed by an experienced pastel framer. #kitgrayillustration, #kitgray, #illustration, #animals, #customportrait, #petportrait, #pastelart, #pastelportrait, #animalportrait, #animalart, #wildlife, #artist, #coloradoartist






Prices are for one subject. A second subject is typically an extra 25% of the portrait fee. Please email for a custom quote for two or more subjects in the same portrait.



Colored pencil portraits are perfect for detail work and they allow your pet to stand out against the empty background. It is an excellent choice for people wanting a neutral background as the heavy, white watercolor paper will work with any wall color and any frame type. Not every reference photo is suitable for this type of portrait due to the level of detail it requires, but it is an excellent choice when detail work or easy framing are things you'd like to achieve.

Colored Pencil Portrait by Kit Gray Illustration. The white watercolor paper I use for my colored pencil portraits will work with any wall color and any frame type. The detail of colored pencil portraits may not be suitable for all reference photos, but I am happy to help you pick the perfect photo to illustrate. #kitgrayillustration, #kitgray, #illustration, #animals, #customportrait, #petportrait, #pastelart, #pastelportrait, #animalportrait, #animalart, #wildlife, #artist, #coloradoartist







Prices are for one subject. A second subject is typically an extra 25% of the portrait fee. Please email for a custom quote for two or more subjects in the same portrait.