I was a guest on the Becoming Buoyant Podcast!

Becoming Buoyant podcast webcast Kit Gray Illustration

There’s a new podcast in my world. This year, Emilie Steinmann of Buoyant Marketing launched the Becoming Buoyant podcast! This is a podcast that targets chronically ill creative entrepreneurs and strives to break health stigmas and share business-building advice. One of the cool things about Becoming Buoyant is that Emilie has made the podcast accessible in multiple ways — probably why she refers to it often as a “webcast” rather than solely a podcast. In addition to a standard podcast, you can also find a video with captions on YouTube. She has featured several amazing folks so far and I am honored to be one of the people having important conversations with her about the space where health and business intertwine.

In this episode, we discussed some details about my own story, my business, and we dig into the concept of self-worth and learning to value ourselves beyond our achievements. I hope you’ll take a listen!

Find all of the links to this episode here or watch the video below!

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